Bi-Annual Meeting

Hosted by South Windsor Fire Police
1175 Ellington Rd, South Windsor, CT 06074
Registration starts at 9am



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"Fire Police are often some of the first responders on the scene of an incident. They often find the correct address or location of the incident and guide in other Emergency Responders, saving them time and confusion. This time saved often makes the difference in the preservation of life and property. Fire Police are then tasked with securing the scene from vehicular traffic, pedestrians and onlookers. They close roads and traffic lanes to make the responders at the scene safe and detour traffic safely around or through the scene. Fire Police also control traffic at intersections along the water supply routes in rural areas during structure fires, where time equals getting water to the fire. They also 'free up' valuable Law Enforcement Officers so they are more able to do their jobs, by being free of traffic control duties. And then, after all the other responders and apparatus have cleared the incident, Fire Police are often the last emergency personnel to leave the scene. The job that Fire Police do is a dangerous, and in an unforgiving environment. They often deal with irate and uncooperative drivers, whom we are delaying. Countless drivers drive 'distracted' while texting, are on cell phones, or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Please help us help you to be safe".


Over 20 years of serving Connecticut's communities.
1987 - 20








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