RF COM Questionnaire

The CT Fire Police Association is cataloging portable radio communications used by the various fire police units in the state. This information will be held for internal purposes; mutual aid response. Can you please email us with the following information:

– Department Name and Town

– Fire Police Leader; Name, Cell and Email (Note: If no leader, please provide Fire Chief information)

– What radio frequency band do you use when activated? (Choose One)

A. VHF (150-174MHz)

B. UHF (450-470MHz)C.

If you are on the State of CT System (CLMRN) please provide DEC Group Number)

If you know your Fire Police Channel Frequency used, please provide this as well

A. Frequency Transmit / PL – DPL

B. Frequency Receive / PL – DPL

C. Label on your radio for the channel

You can contact Don Izzo with any questions at (860) 391-5544. Please email westbrookem@comcast.net the answers to the questions asked above. We would like to have all information collected no later than November 20, 2020.