What We Do

Fire Police are often some of the first to arrive in response at the scene of a fire emergency. They often find and identify incident locations and addresses in order to direct other responders to the right location. This saves time which often makes the difference in the preservation of life and property. Fire Police are also tasked with securing the scene from vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Fire Police are a specialized type of first responder that are tasked with locating & identifying incidents, clearing access to emergency scenes for other responders and diverting traffic from areas affected by fire emergencies. Fire police can also close roads and traffic lanes to secure an area of operation and detour traffic safely away from emergency areas. This improves the ability to access the emergency by other agencies and allows for real time information & scene assessment as well as providing public safety and overall communication and coordination roles for involved agencies. Fire Police also play a critical role in rural emergency response by securing and providing traffic control for other fire emergency vehicles along water supply routes where time equals getting water on scene. Providing multi functions services to responding agencies allows Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters and EMS to focus on saving lives and property and helps to ensure fast and accurate response when every second counts. After all the other responders and apparatus have cleared an incident, Fire Police are often the last emergency personnel to leave. The job that Fire Police do is dangerous and involves working in unforgiving and potentially dangerous situations with irate individuals and frustrated drivers.


A note on our founder: The Connecticut Fire Police Association was founded in 1987 by Maurice “Moe” Brown where he was President until 1992. He was honored by the organization with a lifetime membership in 1993. He also served as an advocate for better fire police training programs. Mr. Brown was an auxiliary police officer for the Groton Town and City Police Departments where he served as a traffic control officer. He also served as a probation officer for the state of Connecticut. Mr. Brown was a volunteer fire fighter for the Old Mystic Fire Department, as well as a member of the Fire Police Associations for both Old Mystic and Poquonnock Bridge Fire Departments.